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Parenthood is the best experience, the greatest privilege that one can ever receive. Every couple is not same. Some may be able to conceive on the first try, but for some, it may take time, and some may face an issue in conceiving.

When a duo decides to start a family, to get pregnant, it always helps to know some things that can help increase the chances of fulfilling their dream. When trying to conceive couples may face some issues, but small changes and efforts can result in success.

9 Tips for Couples Trying to Conceive

Regular Intercourse

  • Taking proper gaps in your sexual life plays an essential role in your efforts to conceive.
  • Normally, having sex every two or three days is good as going without sex for too long or having sex too often can affect quality and quantity of sperms.
  • But if you have been trying for too long, then you can always go for a different approach. You can try holding off sex for more than seven days giving enough time sperm count to build up.

Say No to Cigarettes, Alcohol

  • Studies have proven that cigarettes, alcohol have harmful effects on the fertility of both males and females.
  • Women who smoke cigarettes frequently in a day have issues in conceiving. Even male with smoking habits face problems like poor quality of sperms, etc.
  • Even passive smoking can affect your chances of getting pregnant as there are still chances of smoke entering your body. So, avoid this.
  • Alcohol can also affect your probability of getting pregnant. It takes more time to get pregnant for women who drink and the sperm quality of male decreases.

Be in a Healthy Weight Range

  • Weight plays a significant role in pregnancy as well as fertility.
  • Whether you are overweight or underweight, it is not suitable for pregnancy.
  • So just try to keep yourself in the healthy weight range.

Get rid of Stress

  • According to experts, mental preparation for conceiving is essential.
  • The stress of everyday life is enough to affect your efforts. But when the efforts take the more extended time it’s an added stress.
  • Try activities that may help you to relax. Go to exercise and yoga. Acupuncture may also help. Make lifestyle changes.
  • People often go for IVF treatment when they only need to make some changes in their everyday life.

Follow a healthy lifestyle

  • Some foods are beneficial for fertility, make sure you include those in your diet.
  • Exercise daily so that your body is well prepared for pregnancy.
  • Eat food rich in omega -3 oils, proteins, antioxidants, etc.
  • Avoid processed, oily food and focus on proper nutritious food – a full meal.

Follow your Cycles

  • It’s important to know your cycle. You should try for a baby after a period which is the best time to conceive.
  • The most fertile time of the cycle is ovulation period; this is when you should try.

Increase your nutrition intake

  • As a safety, it’s important to take some multivitamin and other mineral supplements.
  • There are some critical things like folic acid, which can decrease the chance of specific developmental disorders in your baby.

Open yourself to different options

  • It is always a good to look at the tips, and what methods have worked for other couples.
  • You never know what can change your life.
  • This will also decrease your stress and its good for relaxation.

When to get help

best fertility treatment options

  • After trying for more than 2-3 years, it’s time for you to start thinking of visiting a Fertility Centre.
  • If you wait for too long then after the age of 35 or above, even fertility treatments will have a low success rate.
  • Many fertility centers provide infertility treatments like IVF, IUI etc. which can be useful.
  • Try to have a checkup on time so that you can know the issue.
  • IVF Treatment is one of the best fertility treatment option available for couples trying to conceive but facing issues.

Often small changes or efforts on your part can help you in fulfilling your dream of parenthood. Trying to conceive may sometimes feel stressful and require more efforts but the success at the end is the best feeling in the world.

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