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As IVF is the most common procedure for infertile couples
worldwide, it is not a surprise that the couples have many questions to ask.

One of the most important questions is that, does IVF work
in the first cycle?

Well yes, IVF may work for the first time in many cases. The
chances of successful IVF are most common in women under the age of 35 and when
using donor eggs.

Success rate of IVF depends on many factors, the most important being the quality of embryos. The quality of embryos depends most importantly on the quality of oocytes. Age is a very important factor upon which depend the oocyte quality and thus the embryo quality.So the most important factor determining the success of IVF worldwide is the AGE of the female partner. The younger the age, higher is the success rate and more chances of a successful cycle in the first time.

So even if age of female partner is more than 35 but donor
eggs are used the chances of a successful IVF cycle are

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