Males are responsible for about 50 % of cause of infertility in couples seeking fertility treatment.

In the past
many decades there has been a trend towards decrease in the quality of sperm
parameters. Among many factors the most important factors found till date are,
the increasing incidence of obesity and worsening of quality of diet.

Sperm health

following factors are important for improving sperm health

1. Diet – the following are very important
for sperm health

  • Increase consumption of nuts
    and beans (esp walnuts and almonds as have more of omega 3 fatty acids which
    have positive effect on sperm health)
  • Sauté food in olive oil, not butter.
  • Eat more fruits (citrus fruits) and green leafy vegetables (spinach, asparagus). Have them as a snack,
    or add them to other recipes.
  • Whole grains instead of refined breads and pastas
  • Substitute fish (salmon/sole) for red meat at least twice per
  • Limit high-fat dairy by switching to skim milk
  • Have plenty of fluids (milk, lemonade, fresh juice), sweets and sweetened beverages are associated with
    poorer semen quality.
  • Avoid soy products

2. Antioxidants

3. Vitamin C, E, B12, folate

4. Quit smoking

5. Reduce intake of alcohol

6. Obesity – Reduce weight if overweight
or obese (daily walk or exercise)

7. Avoiding situations that raise scrotal temperature (like hot tubs or
laptops on your lap or tight undergarments) might improve sperm quantity and

8. Avoid addiction
recreational drugs, (anabolic steroids and marijuana), should
not be used.

9. Reduce stress and
control chronic medical conditions
such as high blood pressure and

Important – any such changes in the man’s lifestyle will take almost 3 months to show an improvement in sperm. 

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