Introduction – Despite the growing popularity of IVF as a successful treatment for infertile patients it has its own share of misconceptions. These misconceptions regarding fertility treatment are formed because of some common myths that make people think that IVF treatment is harmful to the mother and baby. These prevent couples from seeking treatment at the correct time. Often they delay going to IVF specialists losing time when they can still conceive with their own gametes until it is too late.

MYTH 1 – IVF is never
successful at first attempt

FACT– The success rate of the IVF depends on many
factors like woman’s age, quality of eggs, sperms and the resulting embryo.

the fact that it is difficult to predict if a woman will succeed in the first
try or will require a few attempts, results demonstrate that:

On an average

  • 70% of IVF cases
    conceive in the first attempt
  • 85% conceive in two
  • 95% conceive 3

MYTH 2 – Infertility is mostly
due to female partner

FACT – Infertility affects men and women equally

approximately 40 percent of infertile couples, the male partner is either the
sole cause or a contributing cause of infertility.

MYTH 3 – IVF required for all
cases of infertility

FACT – Most infertility cases (85% to 90%) are treated
with conventional medical therapies such as medication (ovulation induction) or

vital for some patients, IVF and similar treatments account for less than 3% of
infertility services.

MYTH 4 – Costly treatment

FACT – IVF is a little bit costly but compared to other
treatments for cancer, heart problems it is not that expensive. Then again we
ask the question whether our children worth spending on or not?

MYTH 5 – IVF is painful

FACT – This is a very common myth that IVF is painful.

few women complain about any sort of pain during their treatment.

extraction is done under general anesthesia, take’s about 15 minutes and the
patient assume normal activities within 4-6 hours.

believe that IVF injections are painful but this myth is totally unfounded.

are easy to administer and the needles are quite small. The patient can take
the injections themselves.

yes some patients do have a lot of anxiety and stress so maybe this is the pain
they talk about.

MYTH 6 – IVF requires
complete bed rest

– No bed rest is required during pregnancy conceived after IVF and none even
after embryo transfer. Patients are advised to follow normal routine

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