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In an IVF Procedure,as I have told you before that pain is not just restricted to “physical pain— patients tend to be stressed mentally as well as financially…

Let us first look at the Psychological effect…
Becoming a parent is the ultimate gift from the Almighty that cannot be expressed in words!
Holding your bundle of joy, your own flesh and blood takes away all your pain and distress.

In our journey of life as a husband and wife the child brings completeness and Blessings. And to be able to bear one is the ultimate satisfaction!!
All that we need to do is keep our mind positive & trust the doctor and her treatment. The more relaxed/calm we keep there will be better results. So, Meditate & keep yourself busy in light activities.

Since it’s an Artificial procedure and not a natural one, fear of the unknown always persists. But don’t forget there is always light at the end of the tunnel. And it is a Welcoming step for the parents to be, to take a plunge…they will surely be rewarded
Sometimes,Money can be a restraint when a couple undertakes this step of IVF Procedure but various financial institutions and services provide the needful assistance to overcome this. Thus reassuring every couple to take the big step with ease. After all a bundle of joy in the arms outweighs any constraint!
So, a few lakh of rupees is not much for a lifetime of Happiness😇

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