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Reproductive tourism is a kind of medical tourism in which the couple with infertility visit other countries or different states for their fertility treatment.

People usually try to avoid travelling to different places, but some issues like not having excellent facilities available in their countries, expensive treatment in their area of residence, cheaper options in other places or many numbers of reasons force them to travel to other counties for fertility treatment.

Reasons for Reproductive Tourism

There can be many reasons to visit abroad for fertility treatments. Most common causes include:

  • Unavailability of some fertility treatments in the country like in some places IVF is still illegal.
  • There are various rules to undergo a specific type of fertility treatments due to which some patients become ineligible for treatment.
  • In some places, gays, lesbians, single people are not allowed to have these procedures. Sometimes due to the restricted laws and sometimes, there are other reasons.
  • The waiting list for the treatment may be too long.
  • Low cost of IVF treatment or other assisted reproductive technologies.
  • Lack of egg or sperm donor, so people have to travel to other countries.
  • Surrogacy is a very strictly monitored treatment option which sometimes causes people to travel to different places.
  • Availability of an excellent option for controlled IVF results.


Why is Reproduction Industry counted under the category of tourism?

It is considered a form of tourism because:

A certain number of people with the hope of fulfilment of the dream of parenthood travel to other nations where they spend money on various fertility treatments along with extra tourism costs such as travelling back and forth, food, accommodations, etc.

Who benefits from Reproductive Tourism?

Almost every person who gets involved benefits from this.

  • It helps couples to expand their fertility option who were unable to have them in their home country.
  • Doctors, clinics etc. are also able to support a more significant number of people.
  • More research and advancement of the technology is possible which ultimately helps people.
  • Enables the couples with fertility issues to fulfill their dreams of parenthood.
  • It allows people like lesbians, gays or single people to have baby legally.
  • Reproductive Tourism is a blessing for people of those countries where treatments like IVF and surrogacy is not allowed.

Cost of IVF Internationally

When you think of reproductive tourism for treatment like IVF, it’s important to know how beneficial this is for you. One of the most notable things is to consider the international cost of IVF.

Here is a list showing costs of IVF treatment in some countries (these are estimates and are subject to variation). These prices do not include travel cost.

  • Canada: $10,000 onwards
  • Australia: $4,500 onwards
  • Hong Kong: $10,000 onwards
  • United States: $12,000 onwards
  • India: $ 2,500 onwards

Educate yourself about Reproduction Tourism for IVF:

  • There are several international medical tourism websites available on the internet.
  • These offer all tips, rating, and review of the various fertility clinics all over the world.
  • These sites are straightforward to understand and can guide you best.
  • But still, if you choose to travel to another country for fertility treatment just make sure that you have done a reasonable search.

Consider all risks and benefits involved so that this decision can be it worth it.

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