As we all are aware that businesses are gradually opening, after the nationwide lockdown is coming to an end due to Covid 19, we at Artemis Hospital (infertility center) are resuming our infertility OPD and all other infertility related treatment under strict protocols for protecting our patients and our staff from Covid 19.


To decrease the spread of coronavirus and to make people aware of it and protect our masses the government had announced a nationwide lockdown.  Even before the lockdown had been announced we had stopped all kinds of elective infertility related treatments at our center to protect our patients from the unknown effects of the virus on pregnant women and its effect on the fetus.

Now we have a better understanding of the effects of the virus and its spread so we are better prepared too. Thus we are more confident with all the safety protocols in place that Covid 19 will not have a substantial effect on the infertility services.

Preventive measures in place

  1. Mandatory thermal screening and hand sanitization of all patients and staff entering the hospital
  2. Triage questionnaire for staff and patients to identify and avoid high-risk individuals 
  3. Compulsory use of face mask by all (staff and patient) at all times
  4. Social distancing
  5. Frequent hand washing
  6. Patient advised prior appointment, consultation at intervals of about half-hour for maintaining social distancing
  7. Frequent disinfection of all areas in the waiting hall and in OPD chambers etc
  8. Training of staff in the prevention of Covid 19
  9. Patient advised coming to OPD chamber alone until attendant necessary (attendant advised to wait outside if not required during consultation)
  10. Teleconsultation of patients whenever possible

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