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It gives us immense pleasure and contentment to share our experience with Dr. Sonu Balhara at Artemis Gurgaon. We had been undergoing treatment for a very long time as ours was a rather tough and dismal case of infertility and after having consulted few of Delhi’s best infertility specialists, we had started to lose hope of having our own biological baby. But by god’s grace, an effective IVF treatment and sincere efforts by Dr. Sonu and her team, here we stand today just about a month away from becoming proud parents to twin babies. Our experience has been very pleasant. Every time we visited her, she greeted us with a smile. And a friendly, congenial attitude makes a huge difference to couples like us who are struggling to become parents. She connects with her patients on an emotional level too, which is really important to make one comfortable. Not that we haven’t encountered failures…..!! We’ve gone through several unsuccessful IUI attempts and also an IVF pregnancy that ended in a miscarriage, in spite of all her best efforts. But, we understood that some things are just beyond the control of the doctor, and a successful pregnancy is as much an achievement for the doctor and her team, as it is for us. And so we decided to place all our trust with Dr. Sonu and take another chance with her, only to get pregnant again, this time with twins. We would like to conclude this by saying a big thanks to Dr. Sonu Balhara and her dedicated team for making this dream of ours come true.

Richa & Amit

27 Feburary201


    • Kritika&Ayush
    • July 29, 2017
    • Reply

    Dr sonu is a great doctor who listen to your queries very patiently and gives solutions to the best of her capability.In our experience ,We haven’t met any doctor who would be so polite and kind towards her patients and treats them with utmost care.whenever you see her,she always greets u with a big smile on her face that half of your worries just vanish then and there only.Having met so many doctors before ,we were always very disappointed by the failures of not conceiving in every cycle,but with her,we easily conceived in our second cycle only.She is the best !! We would wholeheartedly recommend her to all those who are having difficulties in conceiving.She will never break your trust.We now look forward to deliver a health baby soon under her guidance.All thanks to dr sonu for making it possible for us!!


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