IVF is artificial process in which assisted reproductive tech procedure where fertilization of the egg of the woman and sperm of man occur in the laboratory or ‘in-vitro’ which means outside the human body. The woman going through ivf procedure which is generally started on 2nd day of the cycle receives stimulation with one of the inject-able fertility medicine inj. which increase the production of eggs in woman reproductive system & size of the eggs is also increased in stimulation phase. When the ovaries contain multiple mature eggs which happens mostly 0n the 12-14th day of her menstrual cycle, she then undergoes a minor OT procedure under sedation to retrieve the eggs by placing a needle through the vagina into the ovary under ultrasound guidance this procedure is known as egg transfer or ET in IVF treatment process which takes around 20-40 minutes of time. Approximately 4 to 6 hours later, sperm are added to each of the eggs and then checked for fertilization the next day. The embryos are transferred to the uterus 3-5 days after the ‘retrieval’ procedure. A pregnancy test is taken 15 days later.

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