Myth – IVF is not safe. IVF babies are born with birth defects and malformations.

Fact – IVF is safe for both the mother and baby but the problems or risks which happen in a normal pregnancy may also happen in IVF pregnancies along with the inherent risk from the mother and father


Myth – Bed rest is required after IVF treatment (embryo transfer)

Fact – Bed rest is not required after IVF or even after the embryo has been put back into the womb, the lady can go about doing her normal day to day activities as the embryo is caught between endometrial folds and will not come out on standing of sitting as believed by some


Myth – Infertility is almost always caused by problems with the female’s reproductive system

Fact – Male partner is equally responsible, half couples of infertility come with problems in the male


Myth – You can always have babies with IVF, even if you wait until your early 40s to start your family.

Fact – Age plays a big role in the female fertility. IVF after 40 years of age is usually successful with donor egg and not with egg of the female. So if diagnosed with problem in getting pregnant at young age, a couple should not wait till 40 years and should undergo treatment even if IVF at a younger age too


Myth – If you conceive with IVF, you’ll automatically have a high-risk pregnancy

Fact – Once a patient gets pregnant with IVF, high risk pregnancy is due to other reasons and not because she underwent IVF


Myth – The injections and medicines given during IVF make you moody and miserable.

Fact – the injections which are used for IVF are normal body hormones which are given in a higher dose, these have very minimal side effects if any on the female. The mood changes and anxiety is due to the treatment which they are undergoing, as the couple is stressed and not because of the injections or any procedure.


Myth : Once you conceive with IVF, you’ll never be able to conceive unassisted.

Myth : IVF is a painful procedure

No, IVF procedure is not painful. Pain is quite subjective, every patient has his or her own perception towards pain. During the IVF procedure it is not only the physical pain but also the physcological and financial  pain which the patient talk about. According to various studies and researches, it was found that the women who underwent the treatment, found it to be far less painful in-fact minimal of what they thought to be before the treatment started.

Myth : Surrogate mother transfers her genetic material

Fact : The surrogate mother does not transfer any genetic material to the baby, genetic material is from the eggs and sperms (biological parents)


Myth : IVF pregnancies always require caesarean delivery

Fact : No it is only a myth that all patients who get pregnant by IVF require caesarean delivery. Once a patient gets pregnant by IVF, her chances of normal delivery or operative delivery are same as any general patient.

Myth : Sex selection is possible in IVF

Fact : No sex selection is not possible with IVF, but biopsy of embryo cells can be done and then sex selection. It is illegal in India to do sex selection by any means but for medical purposes it can be done.

Myth : IVF babies are not genetically of the parents

Fact : IVF babies are genetically of the parents who get the procedure done with their own eggs and sperms. But for any reason if sperms or eggs of the couple are not used and donor is required then the child born is not genitically either of the partner. But all donor material is taken only after the consent of both the male and female partner.

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