Myth 1:  IVF  has a 100% success rate and IVF can resolve all  infertility  issues.

Myth 2: IVF is not safe. IVF babies are born with birth defects and malformations.

Myth 3: Bed rest is required after IVF treatment (embryo transfer).

Myth 4: Infertility is almost always caused by problems with the female's
reproductive system.

Myth 5: You can always have babies with IVF, even if you wait until your early
40s to start your family.

Myth 6: If you conceive with IVF, you’ll automatically have a high-risk pregnancy.

Myth 7: The injections and medicines given during IVF make you moody and

Myth 8: Once you conceive with IVF, you’ll never be able to conceive

Myth 9: Once you have one baby, you’re more likely to conceive naturally.

Myth 10: IVF is a painful procedure.

Myth 11: Ivf is never successful in first attempt.

Myth 12: IVF is the last resort.

Myth 13: Surrogate mother transfers her genetic material.

Myth 14: IVF pregnancies always require caesarean delivery.

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