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Do’s and Dont’s

  1. Wash the vegetables and fruits with warm water and baking soda (half spoon in one bucket) or
  2. Put one drop of potassium permanganate in warm water and dip the vegetables and fruits for 15 minutes
  3. Packets of paneer, cheese and milk etccan be washed with soap for 30 seconds. Dispose the packets immediately after emptying in closed bins or in garbage bags to avoid human exposure.
  4. Items in plastic packets(dal/masala/rice etc), metal, cold drink cans, card board boxes(eg, amazon delivery), the virus may remain on the surface for 24-48 hours. So these should be left at room temperature at such a place where there is no human exposure.
  5. Cooked food coming from outside is safe but as it changes hands several times, when being packed and delivered that is a cause of concern. So best is to avoid but if absolutely necessary the packaging should be discarded immediately with precautions.
  6. Currency, bills, newspapers etc, the virus cannot survive long (not more than2-3 hours), so these should be left for 3-4 hours before being used.
  7. Pens , pencils etc can be sanitized as there is evidence that sanitizers
  8. Shoes should be removed outside the house as these may have been infected from sputum of an infected person on the road or any place which you may have visited.
  9. Use of gloves – No. The use of gloves by the public in public spaces is not  recommended. Wearing gloves in public spaces does not replace the need for hand hygiene. Gloves do not provide complete protection against hand contamination, as pathogens may gain access to the hands via small defects in gloves or by contamination of the hands during glove removal. People can also transfer pathogens from one surface to another by touching with gloved hands, or even transfer pathogens to the mouth, nose, or eyes if they touch their face with gloved hands. 

  • No sanitizers for vegetables and fruits
  • Wear a mask all the while when sanitizing any items
  • Designate a home sanitation area. Decide where you will put things that have not been treated and where you will put things that have been sanitized.

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